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Create a Scentsy Recipe in just a few simple steps. First, break off a cube or two from your favorite Scentsy Bars. Place the cubes in your Scentsy Warmer and warm your recipe. Mix and match the wax scents until you find a new scent you love! When you’re happy with your new fragrance, submit it to me and I'll add it to the list! Try some of these great recipes, created by Independent Scentsy Consultants and customers. 
NEW Honeymoon Bliss Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Honeymoon Hideaway
 + 1/2 Cube Sheer Innocence 

Strawberry Margarita Scent Recipe = 1 Cube Simply Strawberry
 + 1/2 Cube Simply Lime

Classic Eggnog Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Simply Vanilla + 1 Cube Clove & Cinnamon

Sugar Pear Crisp Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Sugar Cookie + 1 Cube Honey Pear Cider

Old Fashioned Christmas Scent Recipe= 1/2 Cube Festival of Trees + 1 Cube Cinnamon Bear 

Lavender n' Linen Scent Recipe= 1 Cube French Lavender + 1 Cube Clean Breeze

Honey, Do Relax Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Honey,Do + 1/2 Cube French Lavender

Nonfat Vanilla Latte= Scent Recipe 1 Cube Mochadoodle + 1 Cube Vanilla Cream

Sweet Pea & Pomegranate Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Sweet Pea & Vanilla + 1 Cube Perfectly Pomegranate

Lemon Cookie= Scent Recipe 1 Cube Coconut Lemongrass + 1 Cube Sugar Cookie

Buttercup Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Sugar + 1 Cube Camu Camu

Cake and Ice Cream Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Happy Birthday + 1 Cube Vanilla Cream

Greek Getaway Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Flirtatious + 1 Cube Mediterranean Spa

Spring Fresh Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Simply Irresistible + 1 Cube Beach

Sunkissed Dippin' Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Sunkissed Citrus + 1 Cube Skinny Dippin

Summertime Getaway Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Camu Camu + 1 Cube Beach + 1 Cube Coconut Lemongrass

Tropical Smoothie Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Havana Cabana + 1 Cube Simply Strawberry + 1 Cube Vanilla Cream

Summers in Savannah Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Lush Gardenia + 1 Cube Ocean

Sweet Kiss Scent Recipe= 1 Cube French Kiss + 1 Cube Vanilla Cream

Simply Flirt Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Flirtatious + 1 cube Simply Irresistible

Enchantress Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Enchanted Mist + 1 Cube Flirtatious

Summer Lovin Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Skinny Dippin + 1 Cube French Kiss + 1 Cube Satin Sheets

Camu Camu Over Here Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Flirtatious + 1 Cube Camu Camu

Strawberry Lemonade Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Simply Strawberry + 2 Cubes Sugar

Apple Pie Ala Mode Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Baked Apple Pie + 2 Cubes Vanilla Cream

Bird of Paradise Scent Recipe= 1 Cube of Enchanted Mist + 1 Cube of Sugar

Caramel Apples Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Sugar cookie + 1 Cube Red Candy Apple

Cinna-mint Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Cinnamon Bear + 1 Cube Whiteout  
Scent Recipe Submitted to by  Melissa K.

Apple Cinnamon Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Cinnamon Bear + 1 Cube Apple Press 
Scent Recipe Submitted to by Melissa B.

Sweet Cedar Cider Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Welcome Home + 1 Cube Cedar Cider. 
Scent Recipe Submitted to by Deanne.

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Scentsy Scent Recipes

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Scentsy Scent Recipes
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