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Scentsy Heating Element Warmers

No Light Scentsy Candle Warmers

All of the benefits of Scentsy Wax Warmers but in a discreet package. The NEW Element Warmers use an electric heating element instead of a light bulb to safely warm Scentsy wax without the illumination. The New Element Scentsy Warmers are a great addition to offices, dorm rooms, classrooms and more. 
Where to Use Scentsy Element Warmers
*Homes- Put a Scentsy Element Warmer in a room where you don't want the light from a typical Scentsy Warmer. Scentsy Element Warmers are a great addition to your bedroom and/or nursery. They'll still provide the comforting fragrances you love but without the illumination. 
*Offices- Because Scentsy Element Warmers do not use a flame, they are the perfect solution for crowded office buildings, waiting rooms and/or meeting rooms. Try one of the new Element Scentsy Warmers in your office- for a safe candle alternative.  
*Classrooms/Day Cares- Scentsy Element Warmers are a teacher's new best friend. Scentsy warmers are approved in most classroom settings and will freshen up a room even in the smelliest situations. 
*Dorm Rooms- Scentsy Element Warmers are dorm room approved! Consider giving your college student a Scentsy Element Warmer with Scentsy Fragrances to accompany them to their new home.  
Beauty Salons/Boutiques- Add a Scentsy Element warmer to your salon or boutique to add a touch of fragrance and for a fun and fresh conversation piece. 
Animal Clinics- Scentsy Element Warmers and Scentsy Scents will add a clean, frech scent to your vet clinic without the danger of a flame or aerosal spray. Scentsy wax is animal friendly because it does not contain Phthalates. 
Element Scentsy Warmer
Pendleton Heating Element Scentsy Warmer
Sandstone Element Scentsy Warmer
Zebra Element Scentsy Warmer
Scentsy Element Warmers Bundle
Scentsy Element Warmer Bundle
<----Save Money When You Purchase as a Bundle! 
About Scentsy Element Warmers
Q. What is a Scentsy Element Warmer? A Scentsy Element 
Warmer uses an electric heating plate instead of a light bulb to warm 
Scentsy Bars. Because there is no light bulb you can enjoy the benefits
 of Scentsy in places you don't want the illumination from a light. 

Q. Are Scentsy Element Warmers electric? Yes, Scentsy Element 
Warmers are electric. They use a 12 watt electric warming plate 
instead of a light bulb. 

Q. How do you use a Scentsy Element Warmer? The Element 
Scentsy Warmers come in two pieces just like regular Scentsy 
Warmers. Place the warmer dish on top of the base which is where the
 heating plate is located. Turn the warmer switch on. There is a red 
indicator light on the back that will tell you when the warmer is on. Place a cube or two of Scentsy wax into the warmer dish. Enjoy! 

Q. Do Scentsy Element Warmers come with a warranty? Yes, Scentsy Element Warmers come with the same lifetime warranty as regular Scentsy Warmers. Scentsy Warmers come with a lifetime replacement warranty on manufacturing defects.

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