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Scentsy Wax Tart Warmers are the safe alternative to burning traditional candles. Distinctive Scentsy warmers melt specially formulated wax with the heat of a low-watt light bulb, enhancing your home, office or classroom with more than 80 Scentsy fragrances safely, with no flame, wick or soot. Because Scentsy wax is warmed and never burned and does not evaporate, it will not release harmful emissions into the air. Think of your Scentsy warmer as a lamp that smells good. You can leave your warmer on for many hours a day, just as you would a lamp or nightlight. And, you can set your Scentsy warmer on a timer so it will turn on and off automatically. You can find timers at your local home improvement store. Please take some time to browse through the many Scentsy warmer sizes and styles as I'm sure you will find one to match your individual taste and personality.  Click Here to View the Scentsy Catalog.

 About Scentsy Warmers
Where to Use Scentsy Warmers
*Homes- With so many unique warmer designs to choose from you can put a Scentsy warmer in every room of your house! Scentsy Warmers are a great addition to your living room decor and make excellent night lights in your children's rooms or bathrooms. Scentsy offers warmers to match traditional, contemporary, global and country designs and decor.

*Offices- Because Scentsy warmers do not use a flame, they are the perfect solution for stuffy office buildings, waiting rooms and/or meeting rooms. Try one of the new Element Scentsy Warmers in your office- for that same Scentsy touch without the light.

*Classrooms/Day Cares- Scentsy warmers are a teacher's new best friend. Scentsy warmers are approved in most classroom settings and will freshen up a room even in the stinkiest situations. View the Apple Scentsy Warmer, it makes a great teacher gift!

*Dorm Rooms- Scentsy warmers are dorm room approved! Consider giving your high school graduate a Scentsy warmer to accompany them on their new adventure. 

Beauty Salons/Boutiques- Add a Scentsy warmer to your salon or boutique to add a touch of fragrance and for a fun and fresh conversation piece.

Animal Clinics- Scentsy warmers and scents will add a clean, frech scent to your vet office or clinic without the danger of a flame or aerosal spray. Scentsy wax is animal friendly because it does not contain Phthalates. 
 Scentsy Warmer Instructions- How to use a Scentsy Warmer
Using a Scentsy Warmer is as simple as 1,2,3. Simply insert the included Scentsy bulb, plug in your Scentsy Warmer and turn on the switch. Place one or more sections of your Scentsy Bar into the top dish. Enjoy!
How to change wax or remove wax from a Scentsy Warmer
There are a few different ways to change your Scentsy wax. 

For Premium, Deluxe and Element Scentsy Warmers- 
  • While wax is warm, pour the liquified wax into a lined trash can.
  • Wipe the dish with a paper towel.
  • Add a fresh wax cube. 
  • ​OR
  • Turn off the Scentsy warmer until the wax hardens but is still flexible. 
  • Scoop out the wax with a small rubber spatula.
  • Wipe the dish with a paper towel and add new wax. 

For Plug-In Scentsy Warmers-
  • Add a wad of toilet tissue to the dish.
  • Let the tissue soak up the wax & throw away.
  • Add a fresh wax cube. 
  • ​OR
  • Turn off the Scentsy Plug-In until the wax hardens but is still flexible
  • Scoop out with a small rubber spatula. 
  • Wipe the dish with a paper towel and add new wax.
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Scentsy Element Scentsy Warmer
Scentsy Warmers are the safe candle alternative! Scentsy Tart Warmers use a small light bulb or heating element instead of a flame to warm and melt fragrant Scentsy Wax Bars. Scentsy Warmers are available in over 100 unique styles and colors. Each Scentsy Warmer comes with a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects and Scentsy light bulb warmers include a light bulb. Please Contact Me if you have any questions. 
Customized Scentsy Warmer
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